The BRB Bot from Charmin Will Keep You Active on Zoom Even When You Take a Break

Now, courtesy of this BRB Bot unveiled by Charmin; you can freely take a loo break during zoom calls while the bot takes care of your presence. The bot is currently at the second stage of development and is being tested by few specific customers (beta-only) before being released to the general public. The BRB bot utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to listen to your zoom calls pretending to be you and also respond in your absence with adequate words, so your boss doesn’t find out that you had left the zoom call abruptly.

As the world was forced to work from home in the pandemic-stricken 2020, nearly every professional faced a dilemma of whether to continue with the zoom call or respond to nature’s call. Surely, not everyone prefers to take the laptop with them inside the washroom. Well, no worries, because Charmin, known as the toilet-paper manufacturer, has built a new technology that can massively help you with this problem as the corporate industry continues to work from home.

The technology aiming to create your digital clone is known as BRB Bot, which utilizes machine learning and AI to fill in your shoes while you take a break during zoom calls. While the user is gone, the BRB Bot from Charmin will replace the live version of the user with an AI-powered version to keep your presence in real-time, with no one suspecting that you had to log off.

While there are people that have enjoyed not needing to wake up early in the morning to get ready during the remote-work era, not many enjoy being fixed to video calls all the time, and some are even searching for smart ways to get away from repetitive and monotonous phone calls. There have been reports of people pre-recording responses and playing the audio-bits of dogs and crying babies to either postpone the meeting or end the meeting early.

However, as much promise the new technology gives, it hasn’t yet reached the final stage of development. However, still, the methodology and usefulness are quite splendid.

Charmin has also released a demonstration video on the internet as a part of a sales pitch, and if you want to learn about the technology in a bit more detail, then you can watch the video right now. You can easily find the video on YouTube.

So, this is how it works. You will need to take about three minutes to record responses to general questions and facial expressions, adjusting the camera angle and video angle with your preference to infer the fact that things are moving in your house. And, then the BRB Bot will use the concept of machine learning, AI intelligence, tone analysis, and natural language processing to create your fake digital image and keep you present during the call using recorded facial expressions and adequate responses to perfection.

It’s not that difficult as it sounds; you just need to record your authentic image and fill it in with your responses. This is especially helpful during the zoom call, where you do not need to say much.

Charmin has also released a statement through the video and has said that the BRB Bot does work in real-time, and it will employ the concepts of tone analysis, language processing, AI, and machine learning to respond on behalf of the user in real-time.

It is imperative to note the fact that Charmin has created a lot of nutty and silly products in the past as well. They had designed and developed a product called “Rollbot,” a robotic iteration that can deliver toilet paper rolls directly to your washroom in case you run out of one. They had also made something called “NFT(P),” which has been described as toilet paper art.

Even if it excites you a little bit, the BRB Bot from Charmin is still in use for Beta-customers, and no official release date or plans have been released yet. So, we would have to see how much further this plan takes shape. It, of course, looks pretty interesting.

AI and machine learning are fast-growing research concepts, which have made some staggering progress in the past couple of years after a long duration of slow research. They are expected to create staggering revolutions in the manufacturing sector, replacing the majority of the human workforce. Other by-products of AI and machine learning are home automation, medical prediction and diagnosis, game theory and prognostication, simplification in the data entry process, progress in the creation of better financial models, space exploration and research, and revolution in covert military operations.

Many people have had trouble listening to video calls continuously. The new BRB Bot developed by Charmin is striving to change the game entirely using AI.

Katherine Wood is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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