Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Comes with Android TV and a Compact Design

Xiaomi has recently proclaimed its new portable and compact smart projector. According to the official announcement, it will be known as Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2. It is an upgraded version of its previous ultra-small projector, the MI smart projector.

Along with that, the company has also launched MI 11 ultra phone and MI band 6 smartwatch. Anyone who wishes to buy a small and powerful projector can go for Xiaomi Smart Projector 2. The company claims it will provide unbeatable brightness and powerful picture-quality, although it is a miniature device.

We will discuss this compact cinema device in this article and its advantages and other crucial information.

So what the wait? Let’s get started.

Mi Smart Projector 2: All You Need to Know

The significant difference you will notice between the previous smart projector and this updated version is its brightness and contrast. The image you will get with this new device is a lot sharp, clear, and bright. Whereas the older variant, Xiaomi MI smart projector, is capable of 500 ANSI lumens, this new one can produce an image with up to 1300 ANSI lumens.

So as you can notice, the image will be at least three times brighter from the previous projector in this new baby. This is a really impressive achievement of the company on its projector.

 The people who bought Xiaomi smart projector and were not happy with its limited brightness will definitely consider this product. This projector is even brighter and more effective than the traditional bulky projectors while having an extraordinarily small layout. It is pretty small, and you can carry it anywhere.

 This projector will give you up to 1920x1080p resolution, and you will be enjoying full HD movies at your home. This product is also quite affordable when compared with other similar range devices. While full HD resolution is good, it would be a lot better to get 4K support, but 4K technology will indeed require more production cost, which is why Xiaomi used 1080 pixel resolution. Besides, you will get HDR10 capability on this tiny cinema screen.

 Another benefit that we have noticed in this product is that you can make various screen sizes from 60 to 120 inches. So it’s quite a versatile product, and you can adjust screen size as per your requirement and choice.

 You will be getting 10 watts 2 stereo speakers built into this product, providing good sound in your room. Therefore you will be able to use it even without a dedicated sound system whenever needed. The company claims it can easily support Dolby audio files, giving you Dolby surround sound in your movies. This device can also be utilized as a portable speaker when needed since its sound is quite powerful. Users can use the Bluetooth connectivity to play songs while keeping the display off to use it as a portable speaker.

 It has the Android TV operating system verified by Google. You might get official Android firmware. You will be able to cast your mobile screen on this projector using its Chromecast feature. What else can you expect from such an affordable and small product? It has everything you can expect and quite good in terms of picture quality as well.

Mi Smart Projector 2 Price

 In the United States, it could cost up to 1177 USD, which is quite good if you compare it with other premium portable projectors. Remember, it’s not a cheap or low-quality product since it’s one of the most elite and premium devices from Xiaomi. In Europe, you will be able to purchase this product for 999 euros.

This projector has been declared, but the official release date is still unknown. The company may soon launch it into the market, and it seems it will be first available to European countries.

That’s all we know about this product so far, and we hope you have enjoyed this information.

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Source: https://installmynortonsetup.com/xiaomi-mi-smart-projector-2-comes-with-android-tv-and-a-compact-design/

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